An eclipse, a new editor and a jazz cover of Creep by Radiohead

I neglected to post an entry yesterday or Saturday. Let me relate some fragments of memory from these days.

There was a partial eclipse on Friday. London was resolutely cloudy, as happens. I went outside and stared at the clouds at the eclipse’s fullest point. It got colder. The ducks on regents canal went about their business as normal. A milk float appeared out of a tear in the fabric of space/time and fell into the waters. I went back to my desk.

Later I posted an article of soul-sappingly underwhelming eclipse pictures from Guardian readers. 

After a climb with Russell, I headed back to King’s Cross for drinks and to find out who the new editor was. There hasn’t been a new Guardian editor since Britpop, so this was quite a big deal. 

Grauniad journalists get to vote for editor via an NUJ organised ballot. The trust are free to choose whoever they like, but they wisely went with the hack vote. Kath Viner is our new editor. I voted for Kath. I don’t think anyone I’ve voted for has ever won anything before, so this is a new sensation.

She was in the bar, as was the current ed and most of the guardian’s editorial staff. I told her people were taking selfies with her in the background. “They should be taking selfies WITH me,” she replied. 

I got some good advice from one of our planning editors, some of which I can remember. It was a heavy night.

Saturday was a day of music. I headed on the retro-futurist DLR to Beckton to jam with Russell. We ate pizza, watched the He Man / She Ra crossover movie and recorded some covers. My favourites were a bass & uke bare necessities, a very Chas n Dave Country House, and an accidental jazz take on Creep by Radiohead, where I imagined I was singing to disinterested drinkers in an upscale hotel bar. There’s something magical about playing with someone else. I can see why bands are popular.

The eve I saw Jonnie Common with the Eigg crew of Jenny and Kelly. And also bid farewell to Kate, who is off to Myanmar for two years to do the TEFL shuffle.

Jonnie Common is like a less depressed Pagan Wanderer Lu. I really liked him, and bought his record. Let this diary bear witness to my desire to start listening to new music again. It’s time.

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