The Cricket and Doctor Who Podcast

It’s always been one of my brain’s conceits that I’m not as good at writing as I used to be. But like time zones, that distance between the time when I thought I was good at putting sentences together and the present day never gets any further away. America is always six hours ahead and I wrote stuff I could be proud of two years ago.

So it’s relief to be able to write that when it comes to podcasting, I’ve definitely improved. I do a cricket and Doctor Who podcast with my dear friend Paul, the first episode coming a little over two years ago, during the last Ashes summer series in 2013. Listening back to it now is difficult, to say the least. We’ve come on leaps and bounds. Or should that be quantum leaps and short boundaries? No, no it shouldn’t.

Really, it’s Paul that makes the podcast, because he:

a) does research ahead of the recording, and has lots of interesting things to say, to compliment his usual charming and amusing manner


b) literally makes the podcast. He produces the whole thing so it sounds absolutely gorgeous

I’m the one just bimbling along hoping to say the occasional entertaining thing. In that, the podcast is the microcosm of my life in general.

The main frustration with doing a cricket and Doctor Who podcast is when people say “well, I really love cricket, but I hate Doctor Who. So I’d never listen”. You then wearily explain that, actually, the podcast is NOT about instances of cricket in Doctor Who (though there are several), or even instances of Doctor Who in cricket (answers on a postcard please). We talk about our two passions, but separately – and you’re able to listen simply to the half that interests you. But, we continue, why not listen to the whole thing anyway? You might find yourself developing a strange new love for the greatest game / tv show on earth, and your lives will be enhanced beyond measure.

Ah well. On Monday evening, we recorded Episode 16: Upsets and Earthshocks. We talk about the first Ashes test, and the Peter Davison 1983 episode Earthshock, featuring… well, you’ll have to listen to find out. It’s available on itunes and, assuming it isn’t malfunctioning like a rusty Dalek, on mixcloud below.

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