The Daleks of Christmas

Hello from Chapel St Leonards. I am lying down on a sofa and eating crisps.

An hour ago, I co-recorded an episode of the Ace Doctor Who Podcast in a car on the driveway while drinking a mug of tea. By the wonders of technology I could join my friend despite his lurking many miles away in a Surbiton attic. I didn’t want to wake my friend’s baby, so I listened to the rain on the roof while ranting into a phone about how this week’s episode suggests it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

It was a slightly surreal day of being in a car – if you’ve never tried it, it’s like being on a bike, only you have less time to take it all in – watching the flat landscape of Lincolnshire gradually giving way to the rolling landscape of north Nottinghamshire. We passed a lot of signs for villages named by the Danes or the Vikings. Sloothby. Orby. Candlesby.

Claxby Pluckacre, meanwhile, is a small hamlet masquerading as a PG Wodehouse character who pines after a lady deemed to be below his station.

Finally, in a house drowning in unseasonal Christmas tat, and with a tv permanently tuned to a channel playing festive films, I met a wood burning stove masquerading as a Dalek from planet Skaro.

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