Docklands museum of how awful docklands is

My feet and the robot train from the future took me to the museum of London docklands today. The museum is housed in one of the few remaining 18th century warehouses, which would once have been filled with rum and sugar from the West Indies, as this is West India Quay and it was build on the proceeds of brutality and oppression.

My favourite thing about the museum was how it captured the resistance to the 1980s redevelopment of the site into the Shanghai-on-Thames hellhole we see today. How, via the London Docklands Development Council, the local community, despite a valiant fight, were marginalised into eventual non-existence.

And as an eighties protest song went…

You sell the land from under us

til the east becomes the west

And you become the islanders

And we the dispossessed

You talked about a wind of change

But we just felt the shiver

Can’t afford the price your asking

For a view of the river

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