A Universal Translator for Fish

Like Elastica but with less heroin addiction, my podcast Sketches That Never Quite Made It made a belated return last night, after a three month hiatus.

I have an inexhaustible supply of these.

It was good to come back to it with fresh ears and new bad ideas. Listening back to earlier episodes, the podcast has taken a while to find its legs but when it works – like in episode six, when myself and Paul Creasy discuss both the technical and moral problems with a sketch I wrote about Sexy Crufts – it makes a cracking listen.

The idea was to get guests on who are happy to discuss their own failed sketches, which we’ve achieved in the past; but when people are shy, it seems I am always happy to oblige with my own sketches that are fundamentally a bit broken in some crucial way.

This particular creative gambit definitely qualifies as an eccentric lockdown invention, but I’m really pleased I’ve stuck with it, and really grateful to the special guest stars from the Next Level Sketch gang who have taken the time to come on and give their thoughts. In the process, I think we are all learning something about how not to write sketch comedy.

The latest episode is about fish, existentialism and crash test rabbits, and features Paul and Muireann as the sketch inquisitors. It’s available on most podcast platforms, or you can listen via the embed below.

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