Christmas cards 2020

I never used to send Christmas cards. They seemed one of those weird doomed middle class traditions, where you go to quite a lot of effort to say nothing at all.

Then I realised this was, like a lot of my pretentions, self-defeating nonsense. I sent a bunch this year, though still not as many as I’d like. I always try to make the inside of them better than the standard “To X, Merry Xmas, Love from X and the children / pets”.

But this year I drew the cards too, because shops are scary this year and best avoided. More scary than usual, I mean.

Below are some of my high quality designs.

I realised Jesus was suspended in mid-air, so provided Him with a stepladder.
Easily done.
Ditto the golden retriever: I miss you, boy.
Wide faced Santa Link.
Amiga v cat.
I don’t see Hobbes complaining, and he’s had it *much* worse.

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