Further up and further in

I wrote up a blog post about going for a walk, climbing a tree, nationalising the golf courses, poorly maintained public footpaths, and how leaving a town or city via any means other than the car makes you feel like a second class citizen.

Unfortunately all of this was lost, thanks to the vagaries of WordPress. So instead I’ll post some photos and tweets from the walk, and you can fill in the narrative gaps via the fertile power of your mind.

The remains of Hampton-on-sea.
His ‘n’ Hers.
Spot the public footpath.
The public footpath continues to be elusive.
Chestfield golf course, like all golf courses, should be nationalised like sausages.
Underneath the golf, a dual carriageway thunders.
I wrote a postcard from the boughs of this sturdy tree.
Finally free from golf.
Winter light.
Last orders, please.

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