Singing into the void / Sex Ghostbusters

A productive day today, after a couple of days struggling somewhat with depression and generally not being able to get my brain to do what I wanted it to, as though it was a poorly designed 1980s video game and I was a shit joystick.

I spent a couple of hours writing sketches in the morning, and an enjoyable time acting them out and receiving excellent feedback from my Next Level Sketch comrades at our Zoom-based sketch meeting. I find I have to be in the right mood for sketch writing, and I’ve been losing confidence in my process of late[1].

So it was a confidence booster to be able to force myself to write, and for people whose opinions I respect seem to enjoy what I came up with. Yay peers!

A very noble trilogy of sketches.

The other thing I’m proud of today was doing a very experimental thing of doing a live audio broadcast of me trying to remember how to play my own songs.

I’ve decided I want to do an open mic night at some point, and the process of remembering how to play the half dozen or so tunes I have that will work acoustically was very much enlivened by doing the whole bloody thing on twitter. Here is the stream for posterity, aka perhaps this blog will survive slightly longer than some other bits of the internet. Who knows.

I also did a bit of comedy admin in terms of which shows I intend to see – and review – during the Camden Fringe. As with much in the way of journalism, there isn’t as much comedy reviewing as there used to be. Now I know a bit more about what I’m talking about, I intend comedy review writing to be a regular gig for me in the future. Perhaps, one day, I may even get paid for it.

[1] Essentially, to write a list of three or four really stupid ideas and then write them up in a giggling mania before I get distracted by something else. “Process” is far too dignified a word for this, so it amused me to use it.

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