Cycling from New Malden to Kingston (and why it’s shit)

Hello! I’m gonna try and make more cycling videos because, in the words of Dr Zoidberg, why not already.

There is a quieter route between these two places but it’s a meandering backstreet one. If we’re serious about encouraging modal shift – and we should be, in a climate emergency – it’s routes along main roads we absolutely have to get right.

And what worries me about some of the halfhearted and flawed stuff I saw up Kingston road is that a lot of it is new but already not fit for purpose. And yet probably is being trumpeted as “doing something for cyclists” by some executive or councillor.

Lads, we appreciate you at least have noticed that not everyone can or wants to get around by car. But you really, really need to do a lot better and be a lot braver if you want to make the borough a pleasant, welcoming, and sustainable place to live.

New Malden high street. A deeply unwelcoming place (unless you can afford a car)
Illegally parked, for hours, across the cycle lane with zero consequences.
Turning left here as a cyclist is pretty nasty. I think they want you to go onto the pavement here but it’s not obvious
Old London Road – the “quieter” cycle option but this is not appropriate for most potential cyclists. Are you bringing your 10 year old along here? You are not.
A cycle lane A convenient place to put a step ladder


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