Isolation / Don’t Look Back

Turns out it was Covid. I am marooned in the suburbs, self-isolating in my parents’ house, and holy water supplies are dangerously low.

My great uncle was in that hurling team.

In lockdown III I wrote an album. In this, my own, personal lockdown, I’ve decided to try and do the same, even though I don’t have my mics or indeed most of my instruments here with me.

I’m sticking to the same plan of writing a new song a day, only this time I can’t sing very well because of the illness, so they’ll have to be demos, or mementos, or at least some kind of aural shrine to the wasted days.

Today was the first day of this new regime and I managed two songs. I don’t really like either of them, but in the spirit of science I include them both below.

Don’t Look Back is probably the one most resembling an actual tune. It rips off a VERY famous single by a very famous band, as always, quite by accident. And it’s about going out this summer, and being amazed that this is something one is allowed to do, and reaching that point where you have to decide whether to leave and get the last train, or to just simply not do so and hope for the best. 

I need to hope for the best more often.

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