Furious man in local newspaper

I’ve finally achieved my lifelong goal of looking angry in the local newspaper.

Of course it’s next to a car advert.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to pose either with my armed folded or pointing at the thing that annoyed me, but perhaps that’s something to achieve before I’m fifty.

I’m pretty happy with how I have been quoted, though it’s perhaps a shame the journalist didn’t include the bit where I point out I’m a regular pedestrian and a public transport user as well as cyclist. Unfortunately, walk-ists and bus-ists don’t sell newspapers like those irritating, out-group people on bikes.

The quote from the Brighton council spokesperson was also interesting. I would love to talk to them in person, or perhaps take them on a cycle around town. It was a needlessly defensive statement which reinforces how far we have to go to take things like walking and cycling seriously, even somewhere with a Green-led council.

Regardless of what the council spokesperson says, this infrastructure is not of a “national standard”.

The comments, of course, are hilarious.

Most commented? Uh-oh.

People who comment on local newspaper sites aren’t representative of much beyond the sort of people who comment on local newspaper sites, but I’m going to respond to some of them anyway.

I know from my previous moderation work that commenters tend to be overwhelmingly male, white, and old. Yer standard newspaper commenter is 73, retired, owns a car, and is very, very angry.

This doesn’t bode well…

So I’m sure the discussion will be erudite and in no way a waste of everyone’s time.

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  1. […] As I commented in the Brighton Argus last month, I am consistently surprised how poor walking / wheeling / scooting / cycling / pogo stick infrastructure is in this purportedly Green city. As this blog develops, I will hopefully discover why this city is falling so far behind some of its peers, and – hopefully – join the campaign to make things better. […]

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