Fancy letting me sit on your pet?

I am not sure how many people out there in reading-my-blog land [1] are aware, I do the odd bit of pet-sitting. I am proud of my 100% record of handing over non-dead animals back to their owners. Sad will be the day when I have to invest in an “It has been X days since last accidental pet-sit death” sign. Hopefully that day will never come.

This week, I’ve looked over a dog called Luca (and some children, but that’s another story) in Bristol, and a pair of warring cats in south London.

I also walked past the old dinosaurs of Crystal Palace to visit another dog of past sit, the lovely Kirby, a Japanese Spitz who honks like an asthmatic goose when running and looks a bit like what would happen if a Pomeranian had sex with a cloud.

I write to share some nice photos of The Animals In My Life, but also to say: if you’re looking for a live-in pet-sitter over the spring or summer while you go on your holidays that I hear are popular nowadays, do get in touch. My rates are reasonable and, like I said, I have a proud 100% not-killing-your-pets record which I’m keen to maintain.

Kirby plus rival Spitz.

[1] a kind of amorphous, permanently cloudy place that is difficult to visualise, a bit like Wales


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