I currently have three podcasts, which is officially too many podcasts. You can find them at all the usual podcast platforms, and some of the unusual ones too.

The Ace Doctor Who Podcast

This started out as The Cricket and Doctor Who Podcast, the world’s most niche podcast. I loved that podcast and all who sailed in her, but we eventually got tired of people asking us if it was about instances of cricket in Doctor Who or instances of Doctor Who in cricket. So now myself and Paul, the excellent, professional ying to my chaotic and furious yang, have an entirely Doctor Who based podcast which is ace. No it is not just about instances of Ace in Doctor Who, oh god. Here we go again.

Sketches That Never Quite Made It

A podcast in which sketch comedy writers come on and talk about their sketches that didn’t work or weren’t quite good enough, or seemed funny at the time but with hindsight were just giant terrifying balls of despair. By deconstructing the bad sketches we will hopefully learn something about how to write good sketches. The podcast has some lovely guests, a gunge tank stolen from an Irish kids tv show, and usually ends with a song. Here’s an interview in which I explain the concept in a bit more detail.

Next Level Sketch

I started a sketch comedy night with @juanpenguino at the tail end of 2019. Our first two shows were a smash, then lockdown happened and we needed a remote outlet for all of our collective’s wonderful and absurd sketches. The podcast was born! Think a Radio 4 6:30pm sketch comedy show, only funnier, weirder, and much more likely to include horses going on holiday.