Modernism from Archway to Belsize Park

Oh, Archway. So much to answer for. We emerged, blinking, into the unexpected sunshine from the tube, and were greeted by the greasy stench of a nearby McDonald’s and the sight of a cyclist bravely heading up the hill to Highgate. There are, broadly, three types of modernist architecture walk in London. One: Marvel atContinue reading “Modernism from Archway to Belsize Park”

Open House: South Norwood Library and St Bernards, Croydon.

My understanding of London’s Open House began with a vision of queues: hoardes at the gates of the Foreign Office or some other shining city on the hill grudgingly opening up for the hoi polloi for one weekend a year; to reveal where all those tax dollars go. The social media moans about the waitContinue reading “Open House: South Norwood Library and St Bernards, Croydon.”