Christian Brighty: Playboy, Brighton Fringe

I first saw Brighty as 1/3 of clown collective Privates, which is an unusual number of balls. Here, he plays a very different kind of testicle in the shape of eighteenth century heartbreaker Lord Christian Brighty – an ancestor, perhaps – in this very enjoyable hour of caddery, invisible ballroom partners, and ships struggling withContinue reading “Christian Brighty: Playboy, Brighton Fringe”

Lads on tour: Next Level Sketch perform at Up The Antic, Bristol and the Leicester Comedy Festival

A few weeks ago, my sketch comedy collective emerged from their Omicron slumber to do their first ever non-London gigs. This was a Big Step. Audiences in the big smoke are known to be honking idiots who will guffaw at anything, even a crude drawing of a sausage taped to a wall. But how wouldContinue reading “Lads on tour: Next Level Sketch perform at Up The Antic, Bristol and the Leicester Comedy Festival”

Newsletter / Don’t Look Up / Boiling Point

January is nearly over and I’m only just easing into it. Like a Victorian gentleman emerging from a preposterous bathing contraption, I suppose I will eventually dip my toe into 2022. But I remain wary. I’ve just written my latest newsletter, promoting all the various comedy things I’ve got planned over the next few weeks.Continue reading “Newsletter / Don’t Look Up / Boiling Point”

Next Level Sketch and IMDp

Hello! Join me on a journey through time, as I write a rambling, diary-style blog post. Its intention is to remind whatever future version of me that might exist that these things happened. You’re welcome. Tuesday was the final Next Level Sketch of the year. I was not involved, as I was at an auditionContinue reading “Next Level Sketch and IMDp”

Review: Legs comedy present Logs, Soho Theatre

This review first appeared on Phoenix Remix I’ve seen Legs Comedy do Logs twice in one week. Does that make me a Logs ultra? The first time was a mere ten minutes of wood at ACMS. Tonight was the full, burning, forest of their hour long show at Soho Theatre, at the pleasingly wild timeContinue reading “Review: Legs comedy present Logs, Soho Theatre”

REVIEW: Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS), Signature Brew, Haggerston

Thom Tuck’s reign of terror is over. With the traditional ACMS host trapped in the midlands doing some acting, Joz Norris and [ok, other regular host] Siân Docksey have enacted a bloodless coup of London’s most pleasingly all-over-the-shop alternative comedy night. And what’s more, they are furiously pressing the big red reset button. They walkContinue reading “REVIEW: Alternative Comedy Memorial Society (ACMS), Signature Brew, Haggerston”

Next Level Sketch, Hoopla at The Miller, September 28th 2021

I’ve started asking random audience members who also happen to be my friends to draw our sketches, citing some arcane law about sketch comedy events being illegal unless someone is sketching them at all times. Below are some Next Level Sketch sketches. It was an excellent show, with great performances from our cast and superContinue reading “Next Level Sketch, Hoopla at The Miller, September 28th 2021”

All of Euan’s sketches from August’s Next Level Sketch show

I had the idea of getting someone to draw our show on Tuesday, justifying it via some spurious tale of Victorian era sketch comedy legislation. Euan very gamely did so, even coming on stage after the interval to talk us through his drawings. “Jesus, Euan. I wasn’t expecting you to attempt every single one”. “IContinue reading “All of Euan’s sketches from August’s Next Level Sketch show”

Next Level Sketch with Luke Rollason and The Awkward Silence – August 31st 2021

After our July show was wiped out by the pingdemic – one of those neologisms you feel dirty for using – it was lovely to be back at Hoopla at The Miller with my fellow Next Level humans for some preposterous, funny nonsense. I wasn’t able to attend the meeting in which the sketches andContinue reading “Next Level Sketch with Luke Rollason and The Awkward Silence – August 31st 2021”