Cycling up Ditchling Beacon

“Be careful”. Usually I ignore it. But this time, I bite: “Do you say that to all your friends heading out, or just the ones cycling? Do you like my new cycle cap?” “Why a cap and not a helmet?” Cyclists head out on their rides and journeys knowing that if someone in a fewContinue reading “Cycling up Ditchling Beacon”

Next Level Sketch with Daniel Willis and Just These Please

I can’t take too much credit for this one. Distracted by writing and learning a song to perform at my sister’s impending wedding, approximately 95% of the organisation, preparation and planning was done by my fabulous co-producers Paul Creasy and Nadine Bailey, pictured here, as everyone should be, on the far left. I had alsoContinue reading “Next Level Sketch with Daniel Willis and Just These Please”

Christian Brighty: Playboy, Brighton Fringe

I first saw Brighty as 1/3 of clown collective Privates, which is an unusual number of balls. Here, he plays a very different kind of testicle in the shape of eighteenth century heartbreaker Lord Christian Brighty – an ancestor, perhaps – in this very enjoyable hour of caddery, invisible ballroom partners, and ships struggling withContinue reading “Christian Brighty: Playboy, Brighton Fringe”

Brighton Fringe: Luke Rollason: Bowerbird and Gämez presents: TV Pilots Live!

In a city as iconoclastic as Brighton, the Jubilee was always going to be weird. Friday was a combination of marauding day trippers and unbothered locals, with the Union Jack per square mile quotient pleasingly low. Luke Rollason I first saw a few years ago at The Vault Festival, dressed as a sperm. His currentContinue reading “Brighton Fringe: Luke Rollason: Bowerbird and Gämez presents: TV Pilots Live!”

Next Level Sketch with Cow Tools and Julia Masli

No one buys any tickets: I worry. Loads of people buy tickets: I worry. Such is the lot of a comedy producer with comedy anxiety. I knew we were going to have a decent crowd in, but what if it’s terrible? What if I’m terrible? I am like the ancient Gauls, worried that the skyContinue reading “Next Level Sketch with Cow Tools and Julia Masli”

The Producers: a Mel Brooks musical, Bridewell Theatre, London

London has myriad nooks and crannies. Tucked away on an old alley off Fleet Street is the Bridewell theatre, where has-been Broadway producer Max Bialystok is resigned to a life of first-night flops and exploring certain other nooks and crannies in order to finance them. The Producers, a musical of a film about a musical,Continue reading “The Producers: a Mel Brooks musical, Bridewell Theatre, London”

Brighton Fringe 2022: Bex Turner, Ishi Khan, Kate Martin and Daniel Foxx

It’s been a while since I’ve lived in a place where I can do what I did this evening. When I lived in Stoke Newington, one could walk home from club nights. Hop from a cafe. Be extremely blasé about the concept of “night buses”. Now, I am in Brighton, during the Brighton fringe. AndContinue reading “Brighton Fringe 2022: Bex Turner, Ishi Khan, Kate Martin and Daniel Foxx”

Todmorden Folk Festival 2022

“What’s the name of the place we’re going to again? Post-mortem?” I’m with my brilliant, Spanish academic friend and we are on an adventure to a pretty little market town. Paula is the sort of person who talks to everyone and everyone. In this spirit, the previous night she had met an environmentalist Colombian percussionContinue reading “Todmorden Folk Festival 2022”