The Mystery of Mill Hill East

I’ve been visiting Woodside Park, in north Finchley, for over twenty years. It sits up near the top of the tube network, a couple of stops below High Barnet, Chipping Barnet, and the encircling M25 motorway. The station feels like a countryside halt, but walk up to the high road and it’s your usual traffic-chokedContinue reading “The Mystery of Mill Hill East”

All the things we did and didn’t do

I cannot sleep. As soon as my head hits the pillow I think of what I need to do, what I haven’t done, and all the associated complications and fears and regrets associated with these past and future failures. It’s hard to convince yourself that tomorrow’s going to be different when you still find unsuccessfulContinue reading “All the things we did and didn’t do”

In which James attempts to tell himself to urgently cut down his time on Twitter

What has the internet done to my brain? It’s an interesting question, and one modern science is as of yet unable to answer fully. To do this it would need a scan of my brain from around 1996, when I first encountered the internet, and from today, when I’m spending anything between five and eightContinue reading “In which James attempts to tell himself to urgently cut down his time on Twitter”


There’s an excellent docklands museum, an offshoot of the museum of London. In it you learn the locals fought against Thatcher’s privatisation and “redevelopment” of their home as much as they could. They lost, and now Canary Wharf is a shiny tribute to public money paying for private gain, a place of multinational banks, chainContinue reading “Millwall”

Seveno CC v Indian High Commission at Joseph Hood Rec

For the first time in some while, I played cricket yesterday. The match report is regurgitated below, but obviously there was no space within it to write at great length about my own performance, which is what I will do here, on my own personal blog, instead. Because no-one can stop me. I am terribleContinue reading “Seveno CC v Indian High Commission at Joseph Hood Rec”