There’s an excellent docklands museum, an offshoot of the museum of London. In it you learn the locals fought against Thatcher’s privatisation and “redevelopment” of their home as much as they could. They lost, and now Canary Wharf is a shiny tribute to public money paying for private gain, a place of multinational banks, chainContinue reading “Millwall”

Seveno CC v Indian High Commission at Joseph Hood Rec

For the first time in some while, I played cricket yesterday. The match report is regurgitated below, but obviously there was no space within it to write at great length about my own performance, which is what I will do here, on my own personal blog, instead. Because no-one can stop me. I am terribleContinue reading “Seveno CC v Indian High Commission at Joseph Hood Rec”

Wandering the Tate

On a January afternoon not quite as cold as the weather augurs predicted, I stepped outside my house and ended up at Tate Modern. There wasn’t a huge amount of conscious thought behind this process; just a desperation to get out culminating in my feet taking me somewhere I hadn’t been to recently. Because, atContinue reading “Wandering the Tate”

Meet me at the statue in an hour

Had a jam session with Russell tonight. Vinny and Dave couldn’t make it, so it was back to being a duo. Russell believes in travelling light, so only brought a melodica and a small keyboard with him in his backpack. Probably the highlight of the evening was our attempt at Piazza, New York Catcher byContinue reading “Meet me at the statue in an hour”

Shoplifters review: Kore-Eda’s heartbreaking film of belonging and surviving

A child falling from a concrete walkway; the oranges he was carrying rolling away on the road below. A bunch of exhausted construction workers bitch and moan in the minivan on the way to the site. A local fixer, pressurising a granny to sell up her house for development, accepts tea and denies the primaryContinue reading “Shoplifters review: Kore-Eda’s heartbreaking film of belonging and surviving”

Docklands museum of how awful docklands is

My feet and the robot train from the future took me to the museum of London docklands today. The museum is housed in one of the few remaining 18th century warehouses, which would once have been filled with rum and sugar from the West Indies, as this is West India Quay and it was buildContinue reading “Docklands museum of how awful docklands is”

Dogs in the North Sea

A calmer day today. I managed to get the dogs to Chapel beach in the daytime for a change. On the way I was repeatedly reminded that Hobo, the smaller dog, loves squeezing turds out through his arsehole. He unfurls huge stinkers that seem completely out of proportion to his tiny body. Underneath that underbiteContinue reading “Dogs in the North Sea”