Shoreditch Box Park cycle crash

I got knocked off my bike today. It was an experience unusual enough to merit writing up in full. I was cycling west through Shoreditch, having just turned off Brick Lane and passed the Rich Mix cinema to my right. The Box Park loomed to my left, and I was just thinking about what laneContinue reading “Shoreditch Box Park cycle crash”

It was like everything I had ever lost had come back

There’s something almost shamanistic about turning on the radio and hearing a familiar voice singing an unfamiliar song. That’s what happened to me tonight. The radio came on to the line quoted above, and I knew within a tenth of a second who it was. And the long-lost feelings that washed over me were soContinue reading “It was like everything I had ever lost had come back”

Drunk Foo Fighters fans and lonely bus nerds: A Friday night journey home

An old schoolfriend of mine lives in Beckton, east London, and I spent the evening at his flat. We caught up on crucial news and played Human Fall Flat, a game I impulse-bought in Seoul after watching some people on Korean television playing it, and laughing a lot. We laughed a lot too. It’s veryContinue reading “Drunk Foo Fighters fans and lonely bus nerds: A Friday night journey home”

Seveno 70th birthday celebrations – match report

Seveno CC v Seveno Veterans XI Seveno have been in existence for seventy years, which is an awfully long time. So much has changed since 1948: back then there was Denis Compton and a recent global catastrophe; now, we have Ian Bell and impending global catastrophe. And Twitter.   To celebrate 70 not out, ex-players,Continue reading “Seveno 70th birthday celebrations – match report”

Bugakasan mountain and all that jazz: Seoul, day one

So: me and Euan are on holiday in South Korea and China over the next few weeks, so I shall attempt a daily blog post to document the trip since I have no physical journal with me, due to an administrative error. For reasons I don’t fully understand but something to do with Euan singleContinue reading “Bugakasan mountain and all that jazz: Seoul, day one”

Brutalist Bloomsbury and beyond 

Having recently come into possession of the Brutalist London Map, a handy guide put together by the 20th century society, today we braved the Mayday April showers to gawp at some of London’s finest buildings. I think the cliche about Brutalism enthusiasts is they sneeringly enjoy it from the comfort of their Edwardian townhouse. IContinue reading “Brutalist Bloomsbury and beyond “

Triggering article 50

When the politics undergraduate textbooks of the future come to summarise Brexit, I’m not sure how they’ll pithily describe this period between the referendum and the triggering of article 50. Obviously comparisons with the Second World War are trite, so let’s assume they won’t get lazy and refer to the past seven months as aContinue reading “Triggering article 50”