South Downs Way: Amberley to Bramber

Up and out early on a Sunday morning, myself and two friends attempted another section of the South Downs Way. The highlight of the walk was probably Chanctonbury Ring, an exposed hilltop which was once an iron-age hill fort. When, you ask? In the iron age. Them learned peoples reckon it dates from the 4thContinue reading “South Downs Way: Amberley to Bramber”

Final day for the Woolwich Ferry (1963 edition)

The Ernest Bevan. The John Burns. The James Newman. Since 1963, these three ferries have been moving cars, lorries, bicycles and people across the Thames from Woolwich to North Woolwich, or “Woolwich in Essex” as the cool kids are calling it. Today is their last day in operation. Fancy new ferries will arrive in January,Continue reading “Final day for the Woolwich Ferry (1963 edition)”

Thames Path from Greenwich to the Millenium Dome at Dusk

On Tuesday night, as the evening rush hour got underway, I walked along the river from Greenwich foot tunnel to the Millenium Dome. Noted Canadian Shania Twain was playing a pop concert at the latter, but that wasn’t the point of the walk. The only point of the walk was to get out of theContinue reading “Thames Path from Greenwich to the Millenium Dome at Dusk”

Requiem for the Biscuit Factory

Farewell, then, Bermondsey’s bouldering centre, the biscuit factory, which finally closes its doors today to be knocked down and replaced with sure-to-be affordable housing. Arch climbing have another site around the corner, which they’ve been expanding over the summer to help soften the blow, but the biscuit factory was the first place I ever climbed,Continue reading “Requiem for the Biscuit Factory”

A cycle through the windy Fens: Cambridge to Chapel St Leonards

Last week I cycled from Cambridge, with its many bikes and people on bikes, to Chapel St Leonard’s, a village just north of Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast, where bikes and people on bikes are harder to find. It’s more of a car and mobility scooter kind of place. I set off later than hadContinue reading “A cycle through the windy Fens: Cambridge to Chapel St Leonards”

Rodin, the British Museum, and serendipity

I can’t sleep. I can hear the rattling of a nearby fan. My brain is alert from misguided thoughts, late night editing and hunger. I ate some stale crackers to keep me going and now I’m thinking of heading up my tree to see the dawn. It’s a peaceful, blameless life. Today – yesterday –Continue reading “Rodin, the British Museum, and serendipity”

Shoreditch Box Park cycle crash

I got knocked off my bike today. It was an experience unusual enough to merit writing up in full. I was cycling west through Shoreditch, having just turned off Brick Lane and passed the Rich Mix cinema to my right. The Box Park loomed to my left, and I was just thinking about what laneContinue reading “Shoreditch Box Park cycle crash”

Drunk Foo Fighters fans and lonely bus nerds: A Friday night journey home

An old schoolfriend of mine lives in Beckton, east London, and I spent the evening at his flat. We caught up on crucial news and played Human Fall Flat, a game I impulse-bought in Seoul after watching some people on Korean television playing it, and laughing a lot. We laughed a lot too. It’s veryContinue reading “Drunk Foo Fighters fans and lonely bus nerds: A Friday night journey home”