Visiting Korea’s DMZ in the time of Trump

“Don’t you have to have a US passport to go on this tour?” It’s a Saturday morning in May and my associate Euan and I are at Seoul’s endearing postwar barrack of the USO, “home away from home” for US troops, ready for our trip into that strange strip of land between North and SouthContinue reading “Visiting Korea’s DMZ in the time of Trump”

Bugakasan mountain and all that jazz: Seoul, day one

So: me and Euan are on holiday in South Korea and China over the next few weeks, so I shall attempt a daily blog post to document the trip since I have no physical journal with me, due to an administrative error. For reasons I don’t fully understand but something to do with Euan singleContinue reading “Bugakasan mountain and all that jazz: Seoul, day one”

Brutalist Bloomsbury and beyond 

Having recently come into possession of the Brutalist London Map, a handy guide put together by the 20th century society, today we braved the Mayday April showers to gawp at some of London’s finest buildings. I think the cliche about Brutalism enthusiasts is they sneeringly enjoy it from the comfort of their Edwardian townhouse. IContinue reading “Brutalist Bloomsbury and beyond “