A small ceilidh hall in the middle of a remote island. A bearded man, who has already seemingly hugged everyone in the room, materialises on stage to welcome us ahead of experimental electronica sound collagists Devonanon. "You're ours now. Forget about ferries, you're staying with us forever". The man is Johnny Lynch, of Pictish Trail,Continue reading

Bingo Master’s Breakout: Magnetic Fields special

It’s awful to think of people having fun without you, but it’s a lot easier to come to terms with if you’ve never met them before. London may be homogenising rapidly but still there thousands of overlapping scenes, clubs, cliques, and other loose groups of similar minded people. Every single one exists in direct defianceContinue reading “Bingo Master’s Breakout: Magnetic Fields special”

An eclipse, a new editor and a jazz cover of Creep by Radiohead

I neglected to post an entry yesterday or Saturday. Let me relate some fragments of memory from these days. There was a partial eclipse on Friday. London was resolutely cloudy, as happens. I went outside and stared at the clouds at the eclipse’s fullest point. It got colder. The ducks on regents canal went aboutContinue reading “An eclipse, a new editor and a jazz cover of Creep by Radiohead”