Past Gigs

Tuesday 31st August – Next Level Sketch, with special guests Luke Rollason and The Awkward Silence, Hoopla Impro, London Bridge, 7:30pm (COMPERING and SKETCH COMEDY). How it went

Monday 30th August 2021Comedy Virgins, Stockwell, London, 7pm (STAND UP).

Monday 9th August 2021 – Factually Inaccurate Stand-Up, featuring Thom Tuck, Hoopla Impro, The Miller, London Bridge (COMPERING and STAND-UP). How it went.

Tuesday 27th July 2021Next Level Sketch, featuring special guests Thick ‘N’ Fast, Hoopla Impro, The Miller, London Bridge. (SKETCH COMEDY). [CANCELLED]

20th July 2021, Comedy Virgins, Cavendish Arms, Stockwell. How it went

12th July 2021, Factually Inaccurate Stand-Up, Hoopla Impro, London Bridge. (COMPERING AND STAND-UP). How it went

29th June 2021, Next Level Sketch featuring special guests The Free Mondays, Hoopla Impro, London Bridge. How it went