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Comedy: Lady Ilaria’s Drawers, Hen & Chickens, Highbury & Islington

“From third-best bubblegum brands to guinea pigs buried in Kwik Save bags, the specificity is the charm.”

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Comedy: Comedy Arcade with Vix Leyton at Water Rats, Kings Cross

“I love a conceit, and Leyton’s is a fun one, whereby topics emerge from a glued-up tombola (somehow) and comedians compete, in an extremely arbitrary fashion, to tell the best anecdotes.”

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Comedy: Weapons of Mass Hilarity at 2Northdown

“This night is a reclamation as much as it is a celebration: here are the things that unite us, and here are the things that we have the right to take the piss out of ourselves about.”

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Comedy: Femmes Triple Bill at 2Northdown

“They’ve joined forces, because promoters still find it difficult to move beyond tokenism on their bills and in their minds.”

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Theatre: Horseplay present Bareback, Museum of Comedy

“The elevator pitch is, at least in my own head, The Good Place meets Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask”

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Comedy: Lil Saffron at the Hen and Chickens

“Lil Saffron is a heart-wrenching tale of love, betrayal, and talking cows.”

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Comedy: Paperboy at the Lion & Unicorn

“As played by Nandini Bulchandani, this character is another expert parody of the mannerisms and physical tics of rich young men.”

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Michelle Improv

Improv: Hotel Michelle at the Museum of Comedy

“[In Hotel Michelle] boring registrars derail the renewing of vows, stag dos are thwarted by existential crises, and people chained to walls are tortured, but psychologically.”

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Film: Limbo, starring Amir El-Masry and Vikash Bhai

“[Omar] bounces off everything: the curiosity and friendly racism of the local youths, the travails of his fellow asylum seekers, and even the possibility of change.”

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“McAlmont is the one with the timeless top ten hit, the gravitas, and the voice. It’s his show.”

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Theatre: Bored of Knives, Greenwich Theatre livestream

“Friendship, particularly at school, is performance, and both Davis and Wilson play complicated humans pushing both towards and against the desire to behave like they used to.”

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