Requiem for the Biscuit Factory

Farewell, then, Bermondsey’s bouldering centre, the biscuit factory, which finally closes its doors today to be knocked down and replaced with sure-to-be affordable housing. Arch climbing have another site around the corner, which they’ve been expanding over the summer to help soften the blow, but the biscuit factory was the first place I ever climbed,Continue reading “Requiem for the Biscuit Factory”

Ween me on stories of Aberdeen

Hello! I’m just back* from Aberdeen, where I spent a charming weekend visiting my friend Paula. The trip was bookended with late, late budget airline flights, adding further insult to the injury of not being able to afford the train. I arrived back at my london flat at 3am last night, slept on my handContinue reading “Ween me on stories of Aberdeen”