Wimpy #4: Worthing

A hiatus! A palpable hiatus! It has been ten months since my last Wimpy visit, before Lockdown III came along and made burger restaurant-based geographical sagas tricky. It’s been ages since the government’s specific ban on travelling up and down the country reviewing Wimpys was lifted, but I’ve been busy running comedy nights, walking dogsContinue reading “Wimpy #4: Worthing”

Open House: South Norwood Library and St Bernards, Croydon.

My understanding of London’s Open House began with a vision of queues: hoardes at the gates of the Foreign Office or some other shining city on the hill grudgingly opening up for the hoi polloi for one weekend a year; to reveal where all those tax dollars go. The social media moans about the waitContinue reading “Open House: South Norwood Library and St Bernards, Croydon.”

Balfron Tower, Poplar

The National Trust are running tours of a Brutalist masterpiece in east London. The stock warnings on their website as you book – picnic hampers are usually allowed, but check before your visit – reveal that this isn’t your typical NT territory. We are advised to meet outside a cafe in Poplar called Starlight. UnexpectedlyContinue reading “Balfron Tower, Poplar”