Cycling up Ditchling Beacon

“Be careful”. Usually I ignore it. But this time, I bite: “Do you say that to all your friends heading out, or just the ones cycling? Do you like my new cycle cap?” “Why a cap and not a helmet?” Cyclists like me head out on their rides knowing that if someone in a fewContinue reading “Cycling up Ditchling Beacon”

Cycling from New Malden to Kingston (and why it’s shit)

Hello! I’m gonna try and make more cycling videos because, in the words of Dr Zoidberg, why not already. There is a quieter route between these two places but it’s a meandering backstreet one. If we’re serious about encouraging modal shift – and we should be, in a climate emergency – it’s routes along mainContinue reading “Cycling from New Malden to Kingston (and why it’s shit)”

Cycling in Kingston

Desperately trying to memorise words, I took a walk around Kingston Upon Thames yesterday, repeating things to myself and attracting curious glances from passers-by. Was I mad, or had hands-free mobile technology reached the invisibility stage? The council has made assorted efforts to encourage more people to walk and cycle around town; if you’re onContinue reading “Cycling in Kingston”

Walking to Sainsbury’s

After a few days of not leaving the house, I went to the Sainsbury’s on the other side of town. A big box by the dual carriageway [1], the trip to this mahoosive shop felt a bit like a holiday, or at least a day trip. Such are the narrowing of one’s expectations during aContinue reading “Walking to Sainsbury’s”

Cycling in the dark: an appreciation

Yesterday some new super-powerful front lights arrived, to replace the ones lost in the midst of one of my many bouts of forgetfulness. I’m now back to my preferred set up of two back lights – one flashing, one constant – and two front lights. The beefier of the two front ones is only requiredContinue reading “Cycling in the dark: an appreciation”

Herne Bay to Canterbury

I cycled to Canterbury and back today, out of desperation to get further than half a mile from the house. From Herne Bay, the easiest route by bike takes you out past Greenhill and over the Thanet Way. A sorry-looking ex-pub decomposes in its plot next to the dual carriageway. You then pass up throughContinue reading “Herne Bay to Canterbury”

Shoreditch Box Park cycle crash

I got knocked off my bike today. It was an experience unusual enough to merit writing up in full. I was cycling west through Shoreditch, having just turned off Brick Lane and passed the Rich Mix cinema to my right. The Box Park loomed to my left, and I was just thinking about what laneContinue reading “Shoreditch Box Park cycle crash”

Ween me on stories of Aberdeen

Hello! I’m just back* from Aberdeen, where I spent a charming weekend visiting my friend Paula. The trip was bookended with late, late budget airline flights, adding further insult to the injury of not being able to afford the train. I arrived back at my london flat at 3am last night, slept on my handContinue reading “Ween me on stories of Aberdeen”