Has Doctor Who lost its edge? Morning Star column 30/09/2015

IT’S the story of a suspiciously human-looking alien. With a magic box. Travelling through space and time. Having adventures. You’ve probably seen it. I’m talking Doctor Who here, as series I love. Though it may not be that important in the cosmic scheme of things, it’s a jewel in the BBC’s crown which is adoredContinue reading “Has Doctor Who lost its edge? Morning Star column 30/09/2015”

The Cricket and Doctor Who Podcast

It’s always been one of my brain’s conceits that I’m not as good at writing as I used to be. But like time zones, that distance between the time when I thought I was good at putting sentences together and the present day never gets any further away. America is always six hours ahead andContinue reading “The Cricket and Doctor Who Podcast”