Film Review: Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve

“Today’s mega-Audience is way better trained, and TV has discarded what is not needed. A dog, if you point at something, will look only at your finger.” David Foster Wallace I’m currently reading “Everything, everywhere, all the time”, Stuart Jeffries’s fun pop-culture polemic about how post-modernism has taken over both the world and our souls.Continue reading “Film Review: Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve”

Arnie all-nighter at the Prince Charles Cinema: Morning Star column 08/09/2015

THE Prince Charles in London’s West End isn’t the only repertory cinema in Britain. There’s the magnificent BFI, for instance, with its lovingly curated seasons and its carefully calibrated programme that balances beautifully between pretension and popularity. But the BFI wouldn’t show Mothra, an infamous Japanese monster film from the 1960s. It’d never arrange aContinue reading “Arnie all-nighter at the Prince Charles Cinema: Morning Star column 08/09/2015”