Next Level Sketch, with special guests The Free Mondays

Tuesday saw the return of Next Level Sketch to our spiritual home, Hoopla Impro at The Miller in London Bridge. It was another important step on the long road back to normality, as this time we weren’t obliged to do two sets to two different audiences. We had actual special guests in the form ofContinue reading “Next Level Sketch, with special guests The Free Mondays”

Wading through the Content Mines

Time is endless and passes in the blink of an eye. I’ve had loads to write about but I haven’t been sure where to begin; the problem with journalising is it’s easy to fall out of the habit, and when you fall out of the habit you fall off a cliff. But if someone failsContinue reading “Wading through the Content Mines”

Suburb on the Edge of Forever

I’ve been throwing out #content in various directions lately, but have been neglecting my blog, so here I am writing a post to remind myself of all the stuff I’ve been doing and to try and push me to write something every day, no matter how dry and dreary. Which seems like a strange thingContinue reading “Suburb on the Edge of Forever”

Wimpy #3: Streatham

Author’s note: This Wimpy trip took place before London entered into a Tier 2 lockdown. London goes beyond any boundary or convention.It contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is Infinite London. Peter Ackroyd, London: a biography London.Continue reading “Wimpy #3: Streatham”

Next Level Sketch: October show at Hoopla Impro, The Miller

We did it. We actually returned to a stage and put on a show! As I’ve written about before, I’m a producer for Next Level Sketch, a sketch comedy collective founded in late 2019, with a mind to do regular sketch comedy nights, as a) we enjoy writing and performing them and b) we feltContinue reading “Next Level Sketch: October show at Hoopla Impro, The Miller”

Final day for the Woolwich Ferry (1963 edition)

The Ernest Bevan. The John Burns. The James Newman. Since 1963, these three ferries have been moving cars, lorries, bicycles and people across the Thames from Woolwich to North Woolwich, or “Woolwich in Essex” as the cool kids are calling it. Today is their last day in operation. Fancy new ferries will arrive in January,Continue reading “Final day for the Woolwich Ferry (1963 edition)”

Rodin, the British Museum, and serendipity

I can’t sleep. I can hear the rattling of a nearby fan. My brain is alert from misguided thoughts, late night editing and hunger. I ate some stale crackers to keep me going and now I’m thinking of heading up my tree to see the dawn. It’s a peaceful, blameless life. Today – yesterday –Continue reading “Rodin, the British Museum, and serendipity”

Drunk Foo Fighters fans and lonely bus nerds: A Friday night journey home

An old schoolfriend of mine lives in Beckton, east London, and I spent the evening at his flat. We caught up on crucial news and played Human Fall Flat, a game I impulse-bought in Seoul after watching some people on Korean television playing it, and laughing a lot. We laughed a lot too. It’s veryContinue reading “Drunk Foo Fighters fans and lonely bus nerds: A Friday night journey home”