Upcoming shows

This Machine Kills Wasps

I’m hosting this new and alternative music, comedy, and musical comedy night in BRIGHTON. You’ll know Brighton, it’s the last city you come across if you head south from London before you collapse into the sea.

I’m super proud of the lineup for this night and I would urge you ALL to come along to it – all the acts are amazing and I’m going to sing some songs too I guess.

Next Level Sketch

We’ve taken January off to focus on our other projects (mainly entering Sketch Off under a variety of increasingly unconvincing alter-egos), but we’re back on the 22nd February at Hoopla Impro in London Bridge and it’s going to be absolutely mega. Our Xmas show was the best one we’ve done yet, and we want to outdo that next time because we are extremely competitive with our past selves.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, I’m on jamesofwalsh at gmail dot com. Or subscribe to my newsletter here or my blog posts below.