Todmorden Folk Festival 2022

“What’s the name of the place we’re going to again? Post-mortem?” I’m with my brilliant, Spanish academic friend and we are on an adventure to a pretty little market town. Paula is the sort of person who talks to everyone and everyone. In this spirit, the previous night she had met an environmentalist Colombian percussionContinue reading “Todmorden Folk Festival 2022”

Isolation / Don’t Look Back

Turns out it was Covid. I am marooned in the suburbs, self-isolating in my parents’ house, and holy water supplies are dangerously low. In lockdown III I wrote an album. In this, my own, personal lockdown, I’ve decided to try and do the same, even though I don’t have my mics or indeed most ofContinue reading “Isolation / Don’t Look Back”

Monkey Swallows The Universe

A slightly lost week this week, being ill, waiting to see if I have Covid. I suspect I just have a (“the?”) flu, but one might as well be sure and there’s a walk in centre just down the road. Once I was able to get out of bed, I went and stuck the stickContinue reading “Monkey Swallows The Universe”

REVIEW: Janette Mason featuring David McAlmont – Pizza Express High Holborn, 25th June 2021

David McAlmont is a star regardless of whether he’s walking down Streatham Hill, or dropping off a mattress at the local tip, or on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans. And he’s also a star in front of a socially distanced audience in the basement of a Pizza Express in central London, muchingContinue reading “REVIEW: Janette Mason featuring David McAlmont – Pizza Express High Holborn, 25th June 2021”

Swells reviews my record from beyond the grave

I do like writing songs but I’m not very good at promotion. If this was 1994, I’d sign to a major label, despite all my protestations at being “alternative”, just to escape the anxiety of writing to people asking them to listen or give coverage to my work. A few more nice things to report,Continue reading “Swells reviews my record from beyond the grave”

Ruthless Window by James Walsh: the story of a debut album

The problem with life, like history, is that it’s just one thing after another. I’ve always struggled to process things while they’re happening, both in terms of what I’ve done (good and bad) and what has been done to me (ditto). Time whooshes by like one of Douglas Adams’ deadlines, and so it’s taken meContinue reading “Ruthless Window by James Walsh: the story of a debut album”

Meet me at the statue in an hour

Had a jam session with Russell tonight. Vinny and Dave couldn’t make it, so it was back to being a duo. Russell believes in travelling light, so only brought a melodica and a small keyboard with him in his backpack. Probably the highlight of the evening was our attempt at Piazza, New York Catcher byContinue reading “Meet me at the statue in an hour”

Paul Draper at Electric Brixton, performs Attack of the Grey Lantern, looks like Luke Skywalker

I tried to get out of the habit of going to nostalgia shows, as there’s something strange about wallpapering over memories of seeing bands at their peak with memories of exactly the same people singing exactly the same songs twenty years later. This is particularly so for the reverent album playback show. Remember how annoyedContinue reading “Paul Draper at Electric Brixton, performs Attack of the Grey Lantern, looks like Luke Skywalker”