Sketch Comedy

I’m a producer and co-founder of Next Level Sketch, a sketch comedy collective founded in late 2019. We write and perform sketches, and invite other sketch acts to perform at our monthly night at Hoopla Impro in London Bridge.

The moment I failed my Popemobile driving test: some humans of Next Level Sketch perform live onstage at The Miller in February

We did two sold-out shows at the start of the year, then lockdown happened. After a brief and important period of sulking, we got our shit together and launched our own sketch comedy podcast to wile away those unfunny hours. It’s very good: have a listen!

We made it back on stage in October, but lockdown II means we’re back on hiatus. We should have new shows in the new year: sign up to our mailing list if you’d like to be told about them.


Listen and subscribe to the podcast

My write up of our first live show back in January

Maddi’s write-up of February’s show

An interview I gave about Next Level Sketch to The Phoenix Remix

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