This Machine Kills Wasps

In just under a month’s time, on 2nd February, This Machine Kills Wasps, a new, alternative music, comedy, and musical comedy night, will take place in Brighton, at the lovely Folklore Rooms.

More acts TBC! Artwork: Nadine Bailey.

It‘s me. It’s my night. My first one in Brighton, a city where I own a bed, a bicycle, and between two and four ukuleles, and know far fewer people than in London.

For a night to work, you can’t rely on the goodwill of friends. You have to find your audience, and there is no magic trick to that, especially in a cost of living crisis after twelve years of austerity.

My approach to putting on shows and events is in the DIY tradition. If there is something you’d like to see in the city you’re living in, do it yourself, even if – especially if – you have no idea what you’re doing.

Late capitalism is fear, loneliness and atomisation: the way we fight that is getting together, in safe, welcoming spaces, to make art, and music, and imagine a future that works.

That might seem like a pretentious justification for “putting on some comedians and musicians I like”.

But fuck it: as public services unravel and fundamental democratic rights like protest and withholding one’s labour are curtailed, I feel that even sticking on a night with an alternative bent is a small act of rebellion.

Hopefully see some of you there on the 2nd Feb, and – if it flies – on further nights beyond.

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