Doodlecat Interview

I help out at a queer clubnight on occasion, and I have been made an honourary “Doodlecat” in recognition of this work.

I’ve been asked some very simply questions about who I am for their website, or Facebook, or whatever it is the kids use now. I repost below for completion’s sake.

Your role as a Doodlecat 

Ginger Quota Fulfiller 

5 things you love 

The books of Ian Nairn, getting lost on the moors, cycling to somewhere I’ve never been before, complicated board games, and luxury gay space communism

5 things you hate 

Being mistaken for Ed Sheeran, late capitalism, when the Happy Mondays cheated on Bargain Hunt, remakes (especially Disney remakes), and wheelie suitcases.

When you’re not working as a Doodlecat you’re a “…”

Freelance editor and unsuccessful sketch comedian

Describe yourself in 5 words.

Live Laugh Love Laugh Live (if we consider the FULL life of the universe, based on current theories, it bounces back in on itself. Love is therefore the Big Bang)

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